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Beautifully Crafted Clad Wood exterior

Traditional Design and Details

Unlimited Options and Custom Capabilities


Extensive offering of exterior clad colors gives you endless ways to bring your design dreams to life.  Extremely durable extruded aluminum and a tough protective finish for a substantially stronger, low-maintenance, long-lasting product.

Wood Options

Array of high-quality standard wood options, including Pine, Douglas Fir, White Oak, Cherry, Black Walnut and Western Red Cedar.


Elegant hardware that will stand the test of time. Choose from a variety of finish options, or match a particular motif with Marvin Architectural Hardware.

Energy Efficiency

Over 150,000 options that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements, making it easy to find the right energy-efficient option for your climate.

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The Full Line of Marvin Windows

StormPlus® products for coastal living

Sun, salt, humidity and temperature changes take a toll on windows, doors, and hardware. Marvin’s StormPlus extruded aluminum clad products meet AAMA 2605, the American Architectual Manufacturer's Association's toughest specification for aluminum cladding. They're built tough with Fluropon®, a fluoropolymer finish with 70% PVDF, which heightens resistance to chalking, pitting, fading, corrosion and marring. Marvin's aluminum cladding goes through a five-step pretreatment process to ensure the finish adheres smoothly. And unlike roll-form aluminum, Marvin's clad extrusions are formed first and then painted - this results in superior adhesion and a consistently thick finish so that your Marvin clad products will retain their color and gloss for many years to come.

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Tilt-Turn and Hopper

The Tilt Turn window is a dual-functioning window: swing it in like a door or tilt the top of the sash into your room for ventilation. One handle controls both operations. The Tilt Turn is a great window for emergency exit access and easy cleaning, and available variations offer a number of design possibilities. Marvin’s Tilt-In Hopper is the perfect companion to the Tilt Turn, offering additional air and light.

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Special Shapes

Add dimension and drama to a window design by incorporating Marvin Special Shape windows. Choose from thousands of shapes to match your dream window, including octagon, hexagon, trapezoid, pentoid, and triangle — virtually any geometric shape you can imagine. Polygons and special shape windows come standard as direct glaze units. In-sash units are also available to match daylight openings in other window and door styles.

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The graceful curve of a Marvin Bow window is a lovely way to open up any room and capture a view. Our beautiful Bow windows are custom designed and custom sized, so there’s always a Bow window perfect for any project, whether it’s new construction, remodeling or replacement. Choose between Ultimate Double Hung or Ultimate Casement windows to create a gentle curve — individual windows are mulled together at our factory for a harmonious appearance.

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Bring light and space into any room with the beautiful, open look of Marvin Bay windows. Marvin’s high-quality craftsmanship and countless customization options enhance your home’s personality and make it easy to transform a room by capturing light from three angles.

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Round Top

Beautiful as single windows or included in stunning multi-window assemblies, Marvin Round Top windows add value, elegance and individuality to any home. Marvin offers over 1,000 standard round top sizes, plus unlimited custom designs — all perfectly matched to Marvin’s full line of windows and doors. Choose from full, half and quarter rounds, ellipticals, inverted corners, ovals, gothic shapes, eyebrows and more.

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Let the fresh air in while keeping the rain out with Marvin's Ultimate Cranking Awning window. Designed for performance and aesthetic quality, it features an opening that is wider than ever. The Ultimate Cranking Awning adds light to a room and provides better airflow and expansive, open views. For maximum visual impact and flexibility, the Ultimate Awning can be used on its own or as a complement to casement or picture windows.

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The Ultimate Glider window brings quality craftsmanship, contemporary styling and a modern, streamlined look to any home. Featuring an ergonomic handle and sleek hardware for easy operation with just one hand, the Ultimate Glider’s slim profile is a great space-saving alternative with all the energy efficiency benefits of a traditional window.

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The Ultimate Casement window from Marvin is the most innovative and highest performing casement on the market, offering expert craftsmanship, countless customization options and superior value. Designed to suit virtually any application, these state-of-the-art windows offer the most durable hardware in the industry, ensuring easy opening and smooth operation over the life of your window. The Ultimate Cranking Casement features a recessed sash for a traditional look, plus a full 4 9/16" jamb, making it perfectly suited for new construction or full-frame tear-outs.

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Double Hung

Marvin’s Ultimate Double Hung combines state-of-the-art window design with a classic style of the past to offer unparalleled value and timeless beauty. Advanced engineering and the highest quality construction make our Ultimate Double Hung windows incredibly durable, versatile and easy to use.

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