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Atlantic Premium Shutters

We offer Atlantic Premium Shutters to enhance your Marvin windows on Cape Cod. These shutters are historically accurate and operable, giving you unique authenticity and functionality.

Atlantic’s Architectural and Classic Collection Shutters showcase versatile designs that fit your home and complement architectural styles from Cape Cod. With Atlantic Premium Shutters, you’ll never have to deal with the painting or maintenance required by wood shutters. They are made out of the most innovative, sturdy materials – proprietary wood composite, marine-grade fiberglass, structural-grade PVC – to create sophisticated shutters with enduring beauty. Each of their shutters is custom-produced to your exact specifications, hand-assembled and hand-sanded.

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Atlantic Premium Shutters - Wood Composite Shutters
Atlantic Premium Shutters - Fiberglass Shutters
Atlantic Premium Shutters - Bahama Shutters
Atlantic Premium Shutters - Premium Composite Shutters

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