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Oversized Windows and Glass Doors Improve Energy Efficiency

Questions over expansive glass used to offer homeowners a tradeoff: accept poorer home energy performance and higher utility bills, or revamp the exterior wall to compensate for glass thermal loss.

Now, modern home design innovations are proving bigger glass to be better. A new generation of oversized wood-framed multi-panel sliding doors, casement windows and awning windows defy the need to compromise.

Wood-clad multi-panel sliding doors up to 12-feet high by 60-feet long, along with casement windows that go up to 8-feet by almost 4, are giving residential architects and home builders fewer limitations in crafting their “million-dollar view.” The glass, which is now thermally re-vamped, lacks the aluminum or steel framings that previously forbade the coexistence of high-style and efficiency.

Kris Hanson, a Marvin Windows and Doors group product planning manager, explained: “Next-generation big glass windows and door systems can now achieve a 0.28 U-factor with standard, dual pane insulating glass.” U-factor is an insulating metric, and any measurement beneath 0.30 is considered outstanding for doors.

The new products also offer hope to coastal residential developers struggling with wind, salt or moisture, as certain manufacturers have introduced PG-50 and IZ3-rated multi-panel sliding doors to respond to extreme-weather. Similarly rated products are expected to arrive shortly for big glass casement windows.

The new model options bear great potential for homeowners to increase their value, but challenges fall upon home builders and residential architects who must adapt to the new technology. They must adjust their offerings appropriately.

Source: Builder Online

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