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2016 Marvin Architects Challenge Winners Announced

The winners of the eighth annual Architects Challenge competition conducted at the American Institute Convention in Philadelphia. There were six-constructed architect developments from across the country that was awarded in the succeeding categories: Best In Show, Best Contemporary, Best Transitional/Eclectic, Best Traditional New Construction, Best Remodel/Addition, and Best Commercial. A panel of professionals selected the winners comprising of Manny Gonzales, Ted Flato, and Robert M. Gurney. Manny Gonzales stated, “Looking at the tremendous developments made it puzzling to choose but the winners embodied the creativeness and carefulness use expected when an architect designs a home or a building. Judging was based on architectural superiority, artistic scheme, and use of Marvin window and door products. Christine Marvin, Director of Marketing at Marvin Windows and Doors quoted, “There is nothing more satisfying than affiliating with architects and strategy mavens to produce windows and doors that actually alters a space.”

Christine went on to discuss what Marvin products are. Marvin’s team is a vital part of each window and door built through the determination of architectural backing and knowledge. Christine Marvin went on reinforcing, “Every year, We feel very privileged to see our products at work with the Architects Challenge program, and are pleased to champion the quality, originality, and workmanship of corresponding experts. The winners were for the categories including Best In Show winner was Malcolm Wildeboer, Best Contemporary winner was Elizabeth Herrmann, Best Transitional/Eclectic winner was Dan Scully, Best Traditonal New Construction winner was Mark Nelson, Best Remodel/addition winner was Albert Garcia, and lastly Best Commercial winner was Daniela Holt Volth.

The victors will travel to Marvin’s headquarters in Warroad, Minnesota this fall for a cost free expedition. In addition to being highlighted on Marvin.com as well as the promotion with Marvin’s media cohorts. This summer the general community will pick a 2016 Architects Challenge Showdown victor by well-liked poll online at Marvin.com/ArchitectsChallenge. From June 6 to July 1, supporters will have the opportunity to indicate their favored projects from all Architects Challenge entries with more than 170 endeavors.  Once the ballets are in, the showdown champ will receive a tour to the 2016 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Los Angeles, California held in October.

Source: PRNewswire

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