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Integrity Windows: Energy-Efficient Beauty with Ultrex

Multi-Housing News published an article featuring Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors and how their Ultrex fiberglass products are durable enough to withstand harsh elements, including baseballs. 

Ultrex is a pultruded fiberglass that was patented by Integrity Windows and Doors twenty years ago. Standard windows may bend or break but Integrity windows hold strong without signs of wear and year. To live up to their energy-efficient standards, Integrity works with local, state and federal housing authorities to meet the requirements for energy-efficient products. Integrity windows have been compared to single pane, unglazed windows and have shown to cut heating costs by 34% in cold climates and cooling costs by 38% in warm climates. 

Other features of Ultex pultruded fiberglass include:

  • 8 times stronger than vinyl
  • 3 times strong than wood/vinyl composites making it tough as steel
  • Does not corrode
  • Resists excessive expanion and contraction
  • Strong frame, reducing frame thickness and increasing glass surface area and larger views

Source: Multi-Housing News

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