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Integrity Adds Enhancements to Wood-Ultrex Double Hung Window

FARGO, North Dakota, May 6, 2015 / PRNewswire -- Integrity Windows and Doors announced numerous enhancements to its Wood-Ultrex Double Hung windows. The Wood-Ultrex Double Hung Window by Integrity combines modern durability and traditional style. WIth the new enhancements added to the line of windows, Integrity Windows and Doors is able to meet the style needs of its customers. 

The new enhancements to the Wood-Ultrex Double Hung include:

  • Expanded minimum and maximum frame sizes now available up to 4.5' wide and 7' tall
  • A factory-applied high-performance option for PG50 performance
  • Cottage and reverse-cottage sash configurations
  • Weatherstrip cover - that matches the color of the bottom sash, covers the sill, and fits existing units - making updates easy and convenient

The window is equipped with an Ultrex fiberglass exterior, which is created through Integrity's patended pultrusion process. 

The Ultrex makes Integrity windows eight times stronger than vinyl. Like all of Integrity's products, the updated Wood-Ultrex Double Hung windows come with a 10-day delivery promise to distributors. 

Director of Marketing for Integrity Windows and Doors, Becky Felling, said, "We are committed to innovation and delivering the highest-quality products - both through the introduction of new windows and doors, and through enhancements to our existing product portfolio. The classic double hung remains an all-time favorite among homeowners, and these enhancements to our Wood-Ultrex Double Hung windows provide even more solutions to meet unique design need."

To learn more about Integrity Windows and Doors, visit http://www.marvin.com/integrity.

 Source: PRNewswire

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